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GREEN CLAY Extra-ventilated 150g


Suitable for mixed or oily skins, Our green clay extra ventillée is 100% natural.

In cosmetics, it is used mainly as mask for face, for hair, or for body wrap. 

It has several virtus like helping to combat premature aging of the skin and to alleviate acne and wrinkles.

Benefits :

-         -  Regulates sebum excess

-         -  Remineralizing

-         -  Purifying

-          - Regenerating

-          - Detoxicator

-          - Helps healing wounds by activating regeneration

-          - Softening

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BLACK SOAP- Olive oil and Eucalyptus 1kg


Blach soap made with Olive Oil and essential oil Eucalyptus globuleux

This natural black soap with basic pH prepares the skin for exfoliation by softening and detaching the dead skin layer. It is part of the Hammam products and can also be used in bath. 

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White Clay Extra-ventilated 150g


Ultra-ventilated purifier

This clay is recommended for sensitive, dry or allergic skin. It is soothing, purifying, revitalizing, healing and soothing. It is also recommended for the lightening of the skin.

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Nigella Sativa Oil 50ml


Nigella sativa oil includes omega-3 and omega-6 with a rate of 58% fatty acids, and also includes selenium, zinc, iron, copper, calcium and minerals with a high rate of heptamine. It helps to strengthen the immune system, increase the antioxidant effect on the body, reduce the complaints of women in the menopause period thanks to the minerals. Moreover, it can be used as a supportive natural in the treatment of asthma, diabetes, and rheumatoid sinusitis.Externally, it can be applied as a herbal remedy in supportive hemorrhoids. Additionally, it is an advantage for all nourishing and moisturizing dry skin.