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Apricot oil 50ml

MAD80.00 MAD70.00

Apricot kernel oil ALEYA is extra-virgin, cold pressed, unrefined and certified organic by ECOCERT SA.

It maintain softness, radiance and suppleness. It is the reference oil for tired faces with signs of aging. Restructuring, it can also be used for all parts of the skin that need to regain firmness.

Extracted by first cold pressing of the almonds contained in the apricot kernels this oil is rejuvenating, revitalizing, anti-aging.

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Castor oil 50ml - 1.69 fl oz

MAD70.00 MAD60.00

Castor oil has a creamy texture. It helps to protect, nourish and revitalize hair, helping to regrow hair and providing volume, strength and shine.

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Nigella Sativa Oil 50ml

MAD85.00 MAD75.00

Nigella sativa oil includes omega-3 and omega-6 with a rate of 58% fatty acids, and also includes selenium, zinc, iron, copper, calcium and minerals with a high rate of heptamine.

It helps to strengthen the immune system, increase the antioxidant effect on the body, reduce the complaints of women in the menopause period thanks to the minerals.

Moreover, it can be used as a supportive natural in the treatment of asthma, diabetes, and rheumatoid sinusitis.Externally, it can be applied as a herbal remedy in supportive hemorrhoids.

Additionally, it is an advantage for all nourishing and moisturizing dry skin.

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Organic Argan Oil 50ml

MAD90.00 MAD80.00

ALEYA argan oil is organic, it is pure and unrefined, resulting from the extraction of organic fines from the fruits of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa - Sapotaceae).

This oil is obtained by cold pressing, in order to preserve its natural and organoleptic qualities. Very rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

Argan oil is used in hair, nails, and skincare, it is a regenerative oil par excellence.


- Healing and moisturizing

- Effectively fights skin problems

- Fortifies, protects, and nourishes hair

It is also recommended by nutritionists and dieticians for internal consumption, mainly to fight against bad cholesterol.


Argan oil ALEYA is analyzed and the results of bacteriological, physico-chemical and fatty acid composition are available to customers.

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Prickly pear seed oil 30ml

MAD380.00 MAD260.00

Aleya Prickly Pear Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of a special tye of cactus plant that is found in Morocco.

It is an excellent source of hydrating and moisturizing, rich in anti-oxidant elements, minerals and fatty substances.


Store in a cool and dry, dark place


Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes